Episode 008: SOAL Searching (Part 3)

On this Adventure Report, we take the eastern half of the loop and head north towards Bainbridge

Notes from our latest Adventure Report

We begin episode 008 right where we left off with part 2 of our SOAL Searching series (Episode 005): Euton Road, located in Scioto County, Ohio.

The small creek crossing can be found at 38.8341°N, 83.15050°W.

It’s worth mentioning that we are following the route counter-clockwise.

Diehlman Road offers some pretty cool views of the valley below. We came through here on our big Ohio trip back in July. Unfortunately, Henley-Comstock Road was closed, and our detour took us around this road. Definitely accessible by passenger car if you want to check it out sometime. Diehlman Road also gets us on gravel for the first time in this episode.

At the 4:30 mark, you’ll notice that the bike stops and I’m fidgeting with my helmet. I like to ride with my face shield up, especially on gravel. The downside is that bugs just love to find their way into my ear. What can you do though, it’s all part of the adventure.

Another reason to travel this route counter-clockwise is that you can run the fun gravel roads uphill. Van Crabtree Road, Crabtree Cemetery Road, Carters Run Road, just to name a few.

We pass through two State Forests in this episode. Brush Creek, and Pike State Forests.

Around the 11 minute mark we start to run into some freshly laid gravel. This time of year is when a lot of townships will lay down gravel in preparation for the winter. On the motorcycle of course, fresh gravel is never fun. It runs very loose, and your front tire is always prone to washing out. Similarly to sand, better to just power through and maintain a good riding posture.

As of the time of filming, Salyers Road was closed for repair. To make a detour, we took Camp Creek Road to State Route 772, turned right, and followed the road eastbound until we hit Dunn Road to get us back on the main route.

The most challenging section of the ride was by far Carters Run Road. Lots of big rocks to watch out for, especially on two wheels. I wouldn’t try to drive a passenger car up this way. A great thing about the Southern Ohio Adventure Loop is that the main loop isn’t technically challenging, meaning the loop is more accessible to more people via different modes of transportation. The challenging sections of the main are just challenging enough to make you think a little bit. It makes for a very fun ride. 

After crossing State Route 32, hang a left on Chenoweth Fork Road. It is all pavement, but provides some excellent views of Ohio’s Appalachia. Turning right on White Oak Hill Road, you will find the best incline on the route north of SR 32.

The route ends in Bainbridge, Ohio. Bainbridge was the home of America’s first Dental School, and has a museum which is open during the week. Also close to Bainbridge is the Seip Mound and several other Native American historical sites, like the Hopewell National Historic Park.

We appreciate you watching the SOAL Searching series. We wanted to give a glimpse into our favorite adventure route in the Buckeye State. Hopefully it can be a helpful resource for you, or anyone else interested in Adventure Riding in Ohio.

The official SOAL ADV Rider thread is the place to go for the current GPX file, and for the latest updates.

We’ll see you out on the trail!

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